WIP FPI [Ascension]

Hey guys! been working with Unreal for a couple years, mostly UE3 but very recently upgraded and very excited.
-So I am starting a large project with a small team and, speaking for myself solely want to start from a world building perspective to scope the project first. I know alot of people have differing opinions on where to start, (within the team as well lol) but I love creating a scene and being able to BE in it with the character model we have made.
-I guess my main question is; If i want to create an “open world” science fiction game, where the player is able to travel between three different “levels” but have them be massive planets, how would I do that?? I understand this is not easy task which is why I have been going over tutorials and walkthroughs to more acclimate myself into this engine but I hope you guys as a community can hopefully get me close to where I need to be?

So to break it down, starting a big science fiction first person interactive experience, and would love to understand how to create an open world, and be able to travel to others. Multiple projects and combine them? I already imagine the planetary landing sequences to be in video format, but other than that any information helps:)

You should post this in another forum. Work in Progress seems like the wrong section :wink:

As for your question: Have a look at LevelStreaming and the World Composition features in UE4.

From your description you would build multiple levels. E.g. one for the big open world on the ground and another one where you fly in space and then land. At certain points you can then just load the other level or stream it in for seamless travel between the levels.

Good point, I was thinking it would suit content creation better??
I will definitely do that many thanks my friend :slight_smile: