[WIP] Customizable Modular SciFi Armors [MetaHuman Compatible]

I’m pleased to announce the latest expansion in my lineup of UE4 Marketplace products, introducing Modular SciFi Armors!

What is Modular SciFi Armors?

Just like the environmental counterpart, Modular SciFi Armors aims to provide users with highly customizable next gen quality assets for their projects.

How extensive is the customization?

Aside from the usual high material customization, the goal of this collection is to provide a multitude of physically customizable assets for the end user. For example, a single product might provide a base suit with a series of customizable pieces - helmets, pieces of armor, gear, accessories, etc. Each customizable piece will adhere to specific categories, so that in the future when more packs are released you can have even more versatility by mixing separate products together - deepening the pool of customizable pieces with each entry.

Does it work with MetaHuman?

Yes! All products will be designed to work with the MetaHuman body. Initially I will be targeting the first tall body for both male and female forms, however depending on feedback I may extend the designs to other body types.

What are they meant to be used for?

These armor sets can be used for anything, whether it be a game project, film, or whatever you desire. Because they are being designed to work with MetaHumans I am designing these to match the quality you would get with more realistic looking humans. If you’re looking for next gen, high quality outfits and gear to place on your MetaHumans, this is designed especially for you.

What are you going to be designing first?

The very first set will focus on MilSim designs. An outfit/armor that can be used for soldiers, security forces, mercernaries, etc. While it is still SciFi the aim with this first armor set is to create something that is somewhat grounded. Something that can be used in a Science Fiction setting, but also projects set in the not too distant future.

What comes next?

That depends entirely on feedback. Be sure to let me know what you’d like to see in terms of customizable armor or outfits!

And with all of that, here are the first few WIP shots for the first customizable armor set. The boots are default MetaHuman for now, but are going to be replaced entirely. The hair is for demonstration as well.


Blocking out some of the upper chest armor. Still a little more to do with the main plate.


You get my vote for any and all modular sci-fi, fantasy, modern armor, bio armor, helmets/mask, undergarments. With Metahuman being somewhat standardized, you could be on the forefront of creating an entire catalog of customization options for Metahuman. Will you be providing licensing to other artist to create compatible parts/pieces for your Armors?

Hey there TechLord!

That is absolutely my goal. I’m aiming to provide a vast catalogue of highly customizable and interchangeable assets for developers to utilize in their projects. For now I’m going to stick with SciFi, but I’m open to branching out to other genres depending on reception and buyer feedback.

I’m actually going to be handling all development myself rather than outsourcing to other artists. This is mainly to keep the assets consistent in both quality and style. One of the things I’m going to doing with these assets is creating distinct looks similar to what I did with my architectural series.

And what I mean by that is there will be a series of assets with different designs but all looking as if they came from the same armor manufacturer so to speak. So say there are 3 products with one distinct look, with light, heavy and medium armor. You can mix those together to create unique looks and the armor plates, accessories, etc. Will all have the same design style making them seamlessly fit together.

Now that isn’t to say that you can’t mix two different products with 2 different design styles - you can absolutely do that. But one thing I’ve heard a lot over the years working with my architectural assets is people like to have a level of consistency with the assets so they can continue to build upon it rather than things that are wildly different from one another and subsequently difficult to mix and match.

What the different products going forward will entail however, in terms of what sort of packs they’ll be categorically (heavy armor, specific uses such as medic perhaps, regular clothes, you name it) will largely depend upon buyer feedback. While I can’t promise 100% of what’s requested will be made, I do make every attempt to incorporate feedback into what I’m currently working on, as well as upcoming products. Because at the end of the day I’m making this for people to be able to use themselves. While I always approach things I do from the perspective of an indie developer myself, it’s always beneficial to take in feedback from the people who intend to use the products.

So if you have anything specific you’d like to see in terms of categories, specific customization pieces, etc. Feel free to let me know here. =)


Been a while since my last update but things have been progressing along. Here’s the current blockout which will give a good sense of the direction I’m aiming to go with the overall look. Now I just need to figure out ways to incorporate further customizable gear/equipment onto this base.

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Almost finished with the base armor, then I’ll be able to move onto the customization variations.

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Simply AMAZING! Just curious. Will there be slightly different armors for gender? More specifically, different Breast Plates?

Thanks! For the most part the differences will be small around the upper chest area/breast plate. But 99% of the armor will look the same regardless of gender. =)

One of the things I’m going to be doing with this pack is providing high quality equipment that can not only be used for detail customization, but also for gameplay as well. Here’s one of the knives that will be included. There will also be a tomahawk among other types of equipment. =)


Here’s the tomahawk. Also showcasing some of the different variations you can have with the gear. Swapping out the pistol thigh holster with the tomahawk holster allows you to relocate the pistol to a different location. Going to try to provide as many variations as possible for people to mix and match to create some really unique looking outfits.

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Awesome. I have few suggestions (or what I’d like to see):

  1. Full body tight bodysuit as “base layer”
  2. Armor layers, as parts which can be added on top on bodysuit (please no cuting entire arms/lega/torsos into parts, just armor parts without body).
  3. Armors in style of Star Citizen/Mass Efect 2/3/Andromeda (;.

Either way it is exactly What I have been waiting for ! (;

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Hey Iniside! Thanks for the feedback. =)

  1. For this style I’m going for a more grounded scifi approach. Something that can be used for soldiers in a modern setting, but also with science fiction projects set within the next 50 years or so. If this is well received though, I’d love to do something more hardcore science fiction similar to what you’d find in Mass Effect or Halo with the sleek jumpsuits/armor.

  2. This is absolutely the plan! If you wanted to, you can use this undersuit entirely by itself. I’m providing the additional pieces and will segment them based on their use, but it will be up to the developer to choose which layers they want, which variations they want, etc.

  3. I mentioned it above, but yes a jumpsuit/armor set in the style of Mass Effect/Halo would definitely be cool. It will all depend on how well the community receives this one though. This is going to be a massive pack, and it’s a pretty complicated undertaking. I’m willing to put in the time/work but as always what I do in the future will depend on both feedback from customers as well as sales data. I would love to do something in those styles though as that’s where I feel you can get even more creative with the armor designs as they aren’t as grounded in reality. =)

Glad to hear this is something you’re looking forward to. Don’t hesitate to share anymore feedback if you have any other suggestions or questions. At the end of the day I’m making this for developers such as yourself!

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Hey thanks.

I have one more suggestion (;. Don’t worry to much about attachments. Most people will most likely want to do it their way regardless.

I personally rather have as much as armor parts as possible which can be mixed and if needed customized in some 3d package. Every game is bit different and everyone have their own idea on modular character (either because of performance or quality or time, or all if it). So the good armor on hands/chest/legs/(shoulder pads?)/head/gloves? will go really long way of making it great (;.

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Appreciate the input!

Because this pack is also doubling as a prop/weapon pack I will still be providing high quality customizable attachments for developers. There will also be bare customization options for those who would like to use their own such as yourself, but for those who wish to use assets that are within the same quality and similar style range the option will be there for them. =)

In terms of armor, this is something I’m still working on. The idea is to create certain archetypal styles and provide a multitude of customizable options that will allow players to craft unique identities. Whether that be for individual characters, or if they wish to create specific looks for certain classes of soldiers. i.e. Infantry, Recon, Heavy, Specialist, etc.

An example I might give would be to look at the Clone armor types in Star Wars. You had different unit types that modified the look from the regular Clones, and each had a certain look/respective equipment.

That isn’t to say this pack is going to tell you which looks you have to have, or that it will be as limited in overall physical customization as the above example - but hopefully it gives an idea of the scope I’m trying to achieve with this product. I want this to be a one stop product for this particular armor manufacturer style, with enough customization and variations, whether it be armor, equipment, weapons, etc. to meet every need a buyer would need. If someone wants create series of unique military units with this pack, they will be able to achieve that with the amount of customization I’m intending to include.

As things progress hopefully you’ll be able to see more of what I mean. =)

And here we have a smoke grenade. =)


Here are the frag grenades.


Grenade pouch variant and a MOLLE pouch. Both are in desperate need of a Zbrush pass. =)

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30 round magazine and a fast mag pouch. Experimenting with more plating options as well. Can’t wait to see the helmet on this with all black. =P

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Ok Can’t wait for release !

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Thanks Iniside! Can’t wait for people to be able to finally get to use it. Still a few more crucial pieces, but I’m close to wrapping up initial development on it. =)

Newest additions: Hydration tube and shoulder mounted flashlight.