WIP - Comments please !!

Hi guys, first post here. I would love to get some feedbacks on my environment. This is a short animation film I am working. It’s the story of an orc running to his dying father in the jungle. I’m not a level artist, more a character artist but I’m the one in charge for all de modeling in the scene.

Nice work so far.

My main comment is that the lighting is very monotone sepia right now. There is no sense of a blue sky atmosphere coming in. Also the foliage does not seem to be receiving the right amount or right color of subsurface scattering. Are you using the “2 sided” shading model? Have you weaked your subsuface color or opacity? Also what kind of light are you using? Sadly non dynamic lights do not look great with subsurface right now.

Also a minor thing, but it seems like you used either the same rock mesh or texture on the ground and on the walls. I feel like this makes the foliage on the ground stick out like more of a sore thumb than if you had blended in some more jungle/forest floor textures like possibly moss, mud or even just general wetness and fallen leaves. Currently I see some grass meshes but there is not much of a transition and the grass does not really feel like its from the same biome as the more jungley plants.