[WIP] Caves, Rocks and Plant packages.

I am currently (on and off) working on three packages and getting them ready for the marketplace.
Since images say more than words Ill post some images (and some additional info)

Luos’s low poly rock package


  • Over 140 different rocks.
  • Average polycount of 147.
  • Will come with about 12-16 self made 2k/2k materials.

Contact sheet

Random images:

Luos’s Modular Cave Pack

  • Around 100 modular cave pieces.
  • Easily placeable on grid.
  • Will come with a variety of textures.

Top down view:

Random Image:

(Will look much better in editor once material is set up properly)

Luos’s Flora package.

  • Currently contains 32 plants, but made enough photos of leafs to create at least another 100-150.
  • Will be free to use for UT4 maps.

Contact sheet:

Random images:

Additional notes:

  • I will make sure all models come with proper light-map uv’s and LOD’s, well set up materials and a variety of texture atlases to keep them as optimal as I can possibly get them.
  • currently these are all renders from 3dsmax, no normal maps, detail maps and other finer details are currently added. (they will all look much better once I finish importing/editing them)

I like this :smiley:

Nice work Luos! I am looking forward to seeing this on the marketplace! :slight_smile:

Oh nice! I have a side project in mind that I could totally use these assets with. Keep it up, and I will look forward seeing them on the Marketplace :smiley:

Thanks for the kind comments guys :slight_smile:

If anybody has a suggestion for a particular cave shape, let me know :slight_smile:

On an additional note, its really hard to find tropical leaves where I live…
so if anybody is willing to get me a load of high res flat photos of tropical leaves Ill trade you these packages once they are done.

If I could make any suggestions to a cave shape, one I might suggest is a few sections that appear as if they were carved out by a man. I.E. Mine shaft. So they would be a little bit more symmetrical or something like that.

Those plants look beautiful!

Looking forward to this! Keep it up.

The rocks could need a lot more work, imo.

Great job Luos! I really love those plants. Keep up the fantastic work!

Looking forward to that Marketplace baby! Whew! Take my money! . . . Well. . . Be reasonable.

they look much much better with a good shader setup, and even though I personally do not agree with your statement I personally am starting to think I could do more besides mostly rounded rocks.
also, its rather easy to just say “lots more work” If you think so, then provide insight on how to improve the rocks.


Don’t worry, they wont cost more than i.e. a few burgers or salads would cost you :slight_smile:


thanks for the kind comments all :slight_smile:

The flora looks absolutely amazing, I am really liking the color of those leaves.

Luos, you said you made photos of leaves - does that mean you took actual pictures with a camera and then created the textures based on that? If yes then I’m wondering how does the process go? How do you select from which angle you want to take a picture of it?

Also I agree that the flora looks amazing.

I find rocks endlessly frustrating to produce. Keep up the good work!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yea I make photos of the leafs and throw a load of photoshop at it (both manually and some filters/adjustments).
I basically collect the leafs I want to photograph and put those under some heavy books to flatten them out a bit (sometimes due to the shape there is a small overlap/crack in them but photoshop ftw).
I then place them on a black surface on the floor in my backyard… (and hope for a liiitle bit of clouds so the lighting is a bit more diffuse… Sure it would be better to have some pro lighting gear… but currently cant afford that)
Get my camera + some gear that allows me to make photos from top down and use a remote to make sure my camera doesnt jiggle/move.

Result before editing: (original is a 4k/4k photo)

Result after editing:

With mask:

My goal is to minimize any dark or washed out spots and depending on the reflectiveness on the leaf that can take some work.
I should really get a filter for that by editing some cheap 3d glasses but haven’t had the time.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

When can I buy this?

I always wanted a modular cave system!

And looove the rocks and plants!



Thanks Rama :slight_smile: hug
I have to wait until Epic supports PayPal for the marketplace sadly :frowning:
But I am working on making all three packages as good as I currently can. (and still learning a lot every day).

currently beefing out all the cave sections and added some additional modular stuff.
grabs a screenshot

Still need to finalize some of the textures I created, but they’ll do for now.

If you want to eliminate colour issues around the edges I’d recommend a technique like this.

Basically: Create a duplicate later and place it behind the original. Gaussian blur it with a low setting, duplicate it a bunch of times and merge it all down to one blurred layer. Then duplicate the blurred layer, place it behind the original blur, and repeat with a bigger blur setting. Eventually the colours from the edges of the leaf will blur outwards and fill the map. Of course, you can create an action to automate the process and make it less manual. I think XNormal has a plugin that does the same kind of thing, but I haven’t used that.

Lol, thanks dave but the edges are not an issue, been doing this for many years :slight_smile:
Also, yes xnormal does that too.