[WIP] Basic sword and shield melee - third person action game (The Tarks search)

Hi friends. I wanted to share the beginning of a project currently underway since the beginning of last month in my spare time . As I do not come from the programming field I 'm only using blueprints. The goal is to familiarize myself with the engine.

Follows the first video I did with what I managed to do so far. I apologize for the video has not sound, and there is lag in some parts occurred during capture in my notebook ( he is crying to run all at the same time :)) .


  • SImple enemy AI system using Beahaviour Tree
  • Basic melee combat with separate blueprints for swords and shields , with attack and block actions
  • Very basic animation blends ( theres a lot of fails and strange blends, but the focus now is the basic gameplay )
  • Basic Lock on Target system
  • Players head and neck bones Following nearby enemies
    -Ragdoll For the killed enemies and physic for the weapons

Hope you guys like it !

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Very cool and a nice mount:)

Looks good, how are you detecting collision, with raycasts or with overlap events?

Thks Unit23, lol. The mount is the core of the gameplay :).

Nesjett, i am using collision overlaps.

Nice, I’m just trying to do something very similar :slight_smile: How long it took you to create that?

Hi, as I’m progressing with my part, I’m wondering how you did the shield up? Is there way to do some local modification of the animation - to move limb up or you have one animation for walking,run & idle with shield down and another with shield up?


Hey Hideoshi, this prototype was made aprox. in a moth period in my spare time. I´m kepping work on it, focusing now on the AI part with a lot of up´s and down´s so far.

Hi Omorote, i have a idle,walk , rum Blend animation, like a Strafe also, and the Shield UP was made with the Layered Blend per Bone node. You just need to set the bone start for of the hierarquie and the weight (you can use it to choose the amout of the blend).

Hi Rudes, thanks a lot.

I’m developing some parts of the functionality (like target foucsing) in C++ … do you want me to share it with you once I have that?

Sure Omorote !

What game are you creating?

I’m building RPG - inspired by Souls series…

That looks pretty good! Nice Work!

Thank You ! :slight_smile:

I love Soul series , but the game im trying to make dont have RPG aspects … it´s more like a simple action game based on fight. The point is that i dont want a button smash kind of gameplay. I´m trying something more rhythmic. But i will definitely try to make the player respect every enemy making them lethal if you try to rush the combat, like in Demons and Dark Souls.

Rudse - I agree … in fights I want to build something where you have few types of attack and timing is a key. Yeah that was on Souls series great … so it looks like we are both going in same direction.

Now it bleeds ! :smiley:


I couldnt stop laughing in while watching the vid. That character is pure awesomeness. Good job on the melee attacks. Looking good

HAHAHAHAHA , thank you sir. He is not final yet. I just put him early on the combat prototype to try to feel the mood. My goal is to get a difficult combat to the player, but the game will present a cartoonish style like you can sse.

Video looks good, I have what I feel is probably a silly question with an obvious answer. How did you get the shield to stay up for blocking? I’ve got myself a block animation but cant get the shield to stay up.


Hy Zaos,

the shield up animation is keepd with a Layered Blend per Bone . I have a “terrible”:slight_smile: animation of the block mixed with the idle,walk,run and strafe animations. I have a screeshot of the blueprint up in that Thread … maybe it can help.

Thanks, I manage to slip past your Blueprint and miss it, I’ll go through that when I get home.


Hi Rudse, by any chance, are you willing to share the ANimation Blueprint and the character blueprint with me? Thanks.