[WIP] Alien Bounty Hunter - Working Title

Hi everybody!

So I’ve just transitioned to UE4 from Unity and I’m loving it so far.
To get some experience, I decided to create a top-down platformer/shooter game.

Here is the progress so far:https://youtube.com/watch?v=StYIWJm62Go
So far, all everything is built with the Blueprint system, but I expect at some point I’ll have to learn C++.
The art is being created on 3Ds Max and Zbrush.

I would love to hear what you think of it, and help me improve it.
I hope you like it.

Daniel Zaidan

Check out the latest update!


This is really cool!

I like the alien.

Great job so far DanZaidan! It is refreshing to see a top-down game when most games nowadays are FPS. Keep up the great work and hope to see more as you progress through the development of your game!

All I can say is wow. Nice job. I hope I can get my game up to a similar point instead of just concept coding with no real elements in game yet lol. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more.

Thanks for all your kind words!
I can’t wait to have more content to post here!

n00854180t, thanks for your comment. Since I am not a good concept artist, I jumped right in Zbrush and started to play around with some shapes for the character. It took a while to look right, so I am glad you liked it!

Sean, yeah the game market has a ton (both indie and AAA) of good FPS games right now and I thought it would be cool to try and create something we see less often - mixing platformers and shooters. Thanks for your comment.

warlord57, thanks! I am glad you liked it. Be sure to send me the link when you are ready to show your game. I’d love to see it!

I thought it would be fun to show my character blueprint’s event graph. Maybe when I implement more features we can compare the before and after.
It is getting kind of big but I try to stay at least a little organised… :slight_smile:

I hope you like it.
Daniel Zaidan.

I liked it, the exterior part looks very nice, the dogs are funny especially when they die :). You should physic simulate the character head it would be awesome :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley:
That’s an awesome suggestion. I’m going to add a bit of wobbling on their heads - It’s going to be very funny!!

Love it, in fact I’d like to try it out hehe.

Thank you for your kind words.
When the game is in Alpha or something like that I’ll certainly post it so people can try it out! :smiley:

Hi everybody!

I wasn’t really happy with the interior environment, so I spent some time creating different floor models/textures and changed a bit of the lighting.
What do you think? :smiley:



Looks cute! How did you do the interface stuff? Seems there’s not an awful lot of information on that topic.

Thanks! :smiley:

The way I’m doing the HUD now is though a HUD Blueprint.
I’m calling the ‘Event Receive Draw HUD’ and plugging a bunch of ‘Draw Text’ and ‘Draw Material Simple’.

I hope that explains it. :wink:

Wow, that’s really cool! Congratulations!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Glad you switched to UE4! Welcome :smiley:

Looks pretty cool!
Btw: Welcome to UE4! :wink:

Thanks, guys.
I’m very happy to have switched to Unreal. It’s all kinds of awesome!

Btw, is looking absolutely incredible!! :smiley:

And here is a screen shot of a model I just finished for the game:

There will be several weapon pick ups throughout the levels. They can help you to kill stronger enemies or discover hidden areas… :wink:

Very nice character.
I have a prototype similar but more focused on adventure and platforming.
Why not making the cloth cartoony also , adding more volume and thickness perhaps ?

When I simulate the APEX cloth, it loses all the thickness (I think maybe it’s because each side is simulating individually, so the edge doesn’t hold the volume). I’m going to play with it some some. :wink:
Thanks for you comment. I’d love to see your game! :slight_smile:

Here is a video showcasing the rifle model with more detail:

Looks good.
(perhaps add some material color less reflective for some parts)