[WIP] Alien Bounty Hunter - Working Title

You’re right, I have to increase the material roughness. :slight_smile:

I’m doing some more enemy characters now (they will shoot back and have a more advanced AI). Can’t wait to show the progress!! :smiley:

Hi everyone!

I have something pretty cool to share with you.
I just finished the high poly sculpting of one of the swamp monsters the player is going to encounter.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


It’s some original alien, looks good.


I just finished a new character model.
This guy is the Boss of the Swamp level.

I’d love to hear what you think!

I’ll probably do a video update with all the new stuff I’ve created, after I finish his animations.

I hope you like it! :wink:





I finally took the time to make a video with all the features I’m been working on the past couple of months.
It’s awesome to see everything in action. Especially at 60fps on Youtube! :wink:

I’m very happy with how it is playing. It takes a long time to get all the details I want (like the alien ‘discarding’ the flamethrower after the using all the ammo at 1:34) but it is definitely worth it. :smiley:

I’d love to hear some thoughts!


And here is a cool image of the boss hitting the player right in the face!

Great work and it looks really fun to play.

Thanks for your comment, Galeon!

I just finished creating a new weapon: a bazooka! :smiley:
I think it turned out great!

In this video I test the bazooka, the particle systems and destructible meshes.

What do you think?

And here is an image showing the new weapon:

Thanks! :wink:

I just finished the model of a new enemy: a mutant dog! :smiley:

I hope you like it.