WIP - A hobbyist/Kid guide to learning UE4 VR Development

Hello all,

I have had VR since DK1 and we bought DK2 and CV1 along the way. I am a Dad with a 12 year old and we have tried so many games and really enjoy VR. As a hobby I have been poking around the forums, youtube and downloading projects to better understand how things work. What I have noticed is VR develops very quickly and quite a bit of the information is a bit dated or quite advanced. Don’t get me wrong, so much is hugely useful and really well put together, but I am struggling with basics. Often templates come with so many additional features I like but I can easily get lost.

I thought it would be interesting to start a thread that puts together whatever best practices and tutorials so someone who is new can start building the skills to put a basic game together using the VR editor.

I figure a good place to start is a roadmap of how to get started in a fun way. Really my goal is to teach my kids and have us enjoy the process. I am not a game developer so the goal is to just enjoy the learning process and share interesting things I find along the way. At this point, I don’t know what I don’t know, but as I am searching around I might as well share what I come up with.

I intend to use UE4 - Gimp - Blender. All free, cheap and easy to get started.

Also I am making a playlist of stuff I find and I have posted it VR - Learning Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) in Virtual Reality Mode - YouTube Credits to everyone everywhere

Roadmap UE4 using 4.22 preview.

SuperDooperBasics I have so far:
Demo of VR editor basic skip to 44:18
How to get the VR template open and changing scenes
How to add thumbstick walking.

Thanks to everyone out there for the crazy good work you all do!