Windows update causing game to use default audio

Hello, I am having a problem with my game after a windows update.

Usually oculus software switches my game to Rift audio headset, but now after this latest windows update
it seems that it is selecting windows default audio PC speakers.

I can’t seem to figure out why only my game after compile switches to
the windows default audio when it used to use the Rift headset.
is there some setting in ue4 to FORCE it to use the rift headset or is this going to be an issue until someone makes changes
to the engine?

is there some engine setting that might be causing my rift app to use the windows default?
it did not do this till recently after adding new features to the game. all i added was the ability to turn on an haptic effect so i doubt that is the issue.

@VictorLerp Can you have someone that knows the audio engine assist me as to why this is happening or do i need to submit a bug report?