Windows Shipping erros - Build Failed

I’m trying to build my project for windows but it always packages with errors.
I tried packaging normally and then with the Nativize Blueprints.
Here is the log.

link text

Hi PlatinumBlade,

In the linked text above I found:

BP_Sky_Sphere__pf2298762097.cpp(457): warning C4996: ‘ALight::LightComponent’: LightComponent should not be accessed directly, please use GetLightComponent() function instead.

LightComponent will soon be private and your code will not compile. Please update your code to the new API before upgrading to the next release, otherwise your project will no longer compile.

  • I recommend running map check then rebuilding. Then delete your Config, Intermediate and Saved folders.
  • Also, I recommend not using Nativize Blueprints (as this is still in an experimental stage.)

Follow the above steps and if it does not package, please post the package log along with the following information:

  1. What version of Windows are you in?
  2. What are your packaging settings (platform, development, etc.)



I did as you told me.
Nativize Blueprints is now OFF.
Deleted those folders and reconfigured my project’s settings
Map check didn’t find any errors on any of my levels.
The error still persists. Have a look at the new log.
I am using Windows 8.1 x64.
I’m packaging for Windows 32-bits in shipping mode.
PS: My game is fully blueprint based. No C++. Thats why I used the nativize blueprints. Since it is not recommended, I won’t use it anytime text

This error is common in both logs:

ERROR: AutomationTool terminated with exception: System.IO.InvalidDataException: Dados inv�lidos encontrados ao descodificar.

Would it be possible to send me a link to your project on our Forum?