Windows Mixed Reality support?

Is there anything planned for windows mixed reality support? As much as I hate the name (Except for hololens they are all VR headsets) the headsets seem like great options for VR development. In my case, I’d love to have a second headset to use on my dev machine instead of developing on my gaming rig in the living room. These look perfect for this since they are cheaper and more portable plus the flip up visor.
I know they say SteamVR support is coming, but direct support would be great to be able to target the windows store and get more users. The Dell headset is accepting pre-orders now and the ship date is the 17th of next month Electronics & Accessories | Dell USA

I think the main issue here for some time —
Was Windows UWP being a closed system and
Tim Sweeney being against that. Hence no
" official " UE4 Hololens support.

Though there is an " unofficial " Microsoft
maintained branch up on GitHub. Things have
changed recently though and Windows MR
support should be coming soon.

— Chuan