Windows Immersive Headset Controller Mappings

I have the Samsung Odyssey headset and controllers working with the engine through the Steam VR Dev Preview, but there doesn’t seem to be an input mapping for the left and right thumbsticks. Rather, both thumbstick mappings instead respond to the touchpads. Is there a way to add support for the analog thumbsticks as well?

Look if there is something in SteamVR docs about mappings. MS also have their own engine branch (located here: ) for Mixed Reality stuff and they introduced new separate mappings of thumstick and trackpad into UE4

Looks like good stuff, thank you for the response! Seems to be a bit out of date though. Any idea when or if they plan to update the engine version?

WindowsMR requires UWP app to run. Tim Sweeney (founder of Epic) criticized UWP for being an closed platform and possibly Microsoft step towards unified app distribution on Windows, and to force Windows Store to replace things like Steam, Origin or Epic Launcher. And because of this, Unreal is not supporting UWP until this concern is addressed. Microsoft made their own branch of UE to support UWP, on their own. It’s unlikely that we will see official support of WindowsMR in UE anytime soon.