Windows' Acer Mixed Reality Support?


I have the new Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset and I would like to develop apps with UE4 to work with this. My question is, does UE4 support this headset yet like it does for the Vive? I find it’s really simple to create apps with UE4 for the Vive. Just curious if I can even get an app in UE4 to work with this headset.

Attached is the link for those who are unfamiliar.


Ok, Looks like I’m not going to get a response on this anytime soon. But I’ve done some additional research and it appears the best way to develop for the Acer at the moment is through Unity 2017.2. According to the website I linked below. The website does not mention the Unreal Engine.

So my question is now, when will the Unreal Engine 4 have support for this, or are there any plans to support the Acer Mixed Reality? Do I need to jump back to Unity? This is something I’d prefer not to do because I switched from Unity to Unreal without plans to switch back. But now that I have a Developer’s version of the Acer Mixed reality, I would hate to waste it.

Please advise!


I received a personal response from Mike Beach at Epic, he stated:

“Recently announced was that windows holo products will be able to run apps through steam. If you build a project in UE4, targeting SteamVR, then the windows headseat should work through steam.”

This appears to be accurate as I found a recent Microsoft blog that announces this bridge. Link below. Here is a paragraph from the blog:

"In addition, I am thrilled to announce that **Steam **content will also run on Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Virtual reality enthusiasts know that Steam is a great place to enjoy cutting edge immersive experiences. We can’t wait to bring their content to you. "