[Windows 10] GPU Profiler + VR Preview

Using Windows 10, when I brought up the GPU Profiler while in VR Preview mode, the VR windows does not accept keystrokes, ie: Esc… I believe that the keystrokes are being routed instead to the GPU Profiler window which is hidden.

I am using the Oculus Rift for preview, Windows 10, and UE4.9

Hey SaviorNT,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I testing this on the Windows 10 machine we have here, and am seeing different results than what you are reporting. When launching the VR Preview in a blank first person template project for 4.9.2, I was able to bring up the console command and type profilegpu.

The issue I am seeing is the profile window will not appear until I exit the VR preview mode. In order to make sure our tests align with one another, would you mind providing me with some simple reproducible steps in a new fps template project and confirm you are still experiencing this issue?

Thank you,

Third Person Template → Launch VR Preview → [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Comma] → Press escape to go back to editor and no go.

If you look at the preview screen on the desktop, you will see that the VR Window looses focus when you press the shortcut for the GPU profiler.

Using 4.9.2 as well.

In order to get focus back to the VR Preview window, you need to alt-tab through the open windows to get to it (Mouse clicking on the preview window did not seem to give focus to it).

Hey SaviorNT,

Would you mind testing this in a Standalone Window to see if this is still the case?

The GPU Profiler is meant to be used in conjunction with a Standalone Window as this reduces the impact other variables can have on your performance.


This is in a clean third person template, using the keyboard shortcut for the profiler

New Editor Window → GPU Profiler (Visualizer?) comes to focus, editor window is minimized.

Standalone Game → GPU Profiler comes into focus, game window is still up

Also, using the console command, profilegpu, it still minimizes the window. This isn’t a huge issue when playing out of the goggles, but inside, when everything starts swimming… owch.

Hello SaviorNT,

Thank you very much for reporting this issue. I have entered a bug describing this issue as well as repro steps for our development team.

The ticket number associated with this thread is UE-22521.

Again thank you for reporting this issue. I will keep you up to date on the progress of this ticket.