Windows 10 crashes in UE4 editor-mode

Hello, since a view days UE4 and the hole windows 10 with a bluescreen crashes if I work in the edit-ode (blueprints or material-editor). I have the same problems with UE 4.18, 4.22, 4.23. If I try UE4 in my notebook (with the same windows) the same problem with UE4, but here only UE4 crashes and I can send a crash-report. Has anyone the same problems ? What can I do ? I hadn’t install new programs or something else.

What are your computer specs?

I have a 32 GByte Windows 10 Pro System, x64, Core i/-4790K CPU. The motherboard is a MAXIMUS II Hero from Asus. Grafic-Card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770. My Notebook is a Predator Helios 300 with Windows Home X64. It has an Intel Core i7 8750H and a Geforce GTX 1060. The laptop has 8 GByte RAM.

In the between time i had run a memory test (7 hours with parity check, stress test and so on). There are no failures with the RAM.

Windows 10 updates?
Recently there have been a lot of issues with cortana hogging the cpu until win10 crashes.
Even some of the hotfixes to fix this issue are actually making this worse.

Many thanks for your answer Luos. I got all updates since yet. I hope that the maker from UE will be give us an update for this problems.

Just to be sure, could you tell me your win10 version and build?
Windows key + R
write" winver
This should give you the “about windows” information.

Open Control Panel.
Type update in the top-right search box
Choose View installed updates from the result.
You should see the updates currently installed in the computer.

can you give me a screenshot of the last 10 (if there are that many) updates to Microsoft windows?

Just to be sure that its not win10 being a bleep.
Im asking this because I recently had to wipe my drive after a win10 update decided to make a mess of it all and caused regular crashes especially under heavy load/reloading content.
(which in the end was because win10 installed some drivers related to my ssd/m2 ssd, thinking they were a windows surface tablet O_o)

Besides that, and if thats not the case… you might want to try and install all the required content for ue4 that contains debug-tools (rather big file) and see if you can grab the proper crash-log and share it.

Hello, here is my screenshot. I hope you can see anything.

all seems fine. Guess its something odd in ue4.
in that case:
“Besides that, and if thats not the case… you might want to try and install all the required content for ue4 that contains debug-tools (rather big file) and see if you can grab the proper crash-log and share it.”

Hello, here a short update. Because in my notebook UE 4 crashed with a crash-report (with my PC UE4 and Windows 10 crashed without any crash-report) I had deinstalled and reinstalled UE 4.23.1 (with all options, see the post above this from Luos, her a many thanks to him). Also I have deleted the last update from Windows 10 an reupdated it. And what I say. This day no crash with UE4. I will try this tomorrow with my PC. I hope UE4 runs on my PC too. I will report it in a few days. Greetings from a newby :slight_smile:

fingers crossed!

Pitty, the way that helps with my notebook (newest windows updates deleted, all UE4 files deleted, windows updated with the newest updates, UE 4.23.1 installed) doesn’t run with my PC. When I’m in the editor-mode (work on a material for example) and UE4 want compile the shaders, the hole system crashes. As next I will restore an older backup of my boot-system and will forbid updating the windows system. With the old system UE 4was working without crashes. I hope that helps. I will report it in a few days. Greetings from a newbie.

Very, very curious. After restoring a backup from november 2018 (in that time UE 4.18 and 4.19 was running without problems as i made the backup) UE4.18 and 4.19 crashes too now. That let me think I have a problem with the hardware bud only for UE4. i can’t believe that but that is the one and only possible reason :-(( There was no change in the hardware between the time I made the backup an now. As I restore the backup I was not in the internet so nothing could be change. I have no idea what I can do now.

That was it, no idea what I can do. After a 7h stresstest of the memory with memtest, a stresstest of the graphic card with furmark (1 h), a 5h rendering with Blender and not one crash or failure. I start UE 4.23.1, a new project, a new material, 3 nodes in the new material placed and the hole system crashes. Why suddenly UE4 don`t like my system. No problems before about octobre 2019. And now… only crashes. The hardware runs, windows 10 has no problems. All the other programs (Blender, substance painter, gimp etc.) have no problems. One and only UE4. I hope the UE team read this thread and has an answer for me, why UE4 crahes since octobre my system.

One more thing you didn’t consider is the SSD. I’ve pick a samsung 850 pro, but after a year or two it started producing lots of SMART errors, and i suspect trashing in pagefile which cause the BSODs. Once i move the pagefile (disable hiberfil etc) to a hdd, the problem went away. I only had this particular crash with ue4 while i was running the pagefile on ssd.

Hello Konflict, I haven’t a SDD in my PC only in my notebook… and on my notebook UE4 runs without problems.

Hello together, here my newest update. It seems that I have a trace what happens with UE4. The problem are the multicore CPUs ! The UE Editor has an option “-ONETHREAD” that you can give him within the start. After that UE4 crashes a little bit later :slight_smile: As I told this a good friend of me he said me that I can a program give the Cores it is allowed to use with the task manager (I don’t know that). After I gave the UE4 Editor only 1 CPU ------ UE4 was very slow but stable. After 2 CPUs — UEs was a little bit faster but stable. With 3 CPUs — UE4 crashes within a few minutes. I have a four core system, that means 4 cores + 4 threats. For all that I had the option “-ONETHREAD” on I could see with a CPU-usage program that UE4 use all cores and threats. But with the settings in the task manager only the correct CPUs were used. I hope that help the people who have the same problems. If I find out why UE4 has this problems I will be back :slight_smile:

So here is the result: Suddenly UE4 doesn’t like the hyperthreading ! As I switched of the hyperthreading, UE4 runs on my PC. Has anyone an idea why UE4 crashes with 4 HTs (hyperthreads) suddenly? Until septembre UE4 runs with HT and as from octobre UE4 (and the hole win 10 too) crashes with HT. I don’t know why this behaviour… ON my laptop UE4 runs with 6 cores and 6 HTs…

What a wonder. After a view days I have switched on the HT … and the editor runs !! I don’t know why but it runs. Perhaps anyone has the same behaviour of UE4 ?

I have the same problems. When i am in the Blueprint or Material Editor i have sometimes crashes. At first i thought it was a problem with my graphics card AMD RX 590 and some infamous Wattsman problems. (Ryzen 5 2600X 6 Cores, 32 GB , Win 10 Pro). Then i suspected some other culprits: Windows Defender or Antivirus, Autosave im Editor but i have no clue.

The crash happens not every time but is Unreal Editor specific.