Windows 10 Compatible?

Just recently upgraded to windows 10. Is unreal Engine 4 compatible with windows 10 or will it take some time for it to be fully functional? also is the engine ready for directx 12 now or will that take some time too?

It will be when 4.9 or 4.10 rolls around :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! When will 4.9/10 be available?

sim, e, estou rodando aqui o windows 10, intel i7 8mb, pl video intel 3000. tudo ok

I am using the latest 4.8 build and having no issues at all in Windows 10. As far as I can tell, it’s already Windows 10 compatible.


However, it does not seem to take advantage of the latest DirectX yet; rather it’s relying on backwards compatibility of the OS.

They’re already rolling out the previews of 4.9, so probably “soon”.

Hello, personally I think it depends on which projects you are working on, I mean, if your project requires VR stuffs like Oculus Rift, then 4.8.1 will not work properly because the latest Oculus SDK doesn’t support DirectX12 yet. I’ve spent a whole day on the runtime but it just didn’t work, also the Unreal Engine keep crashing when launching at 79%. However, when I uninstalled all files related to Oculus, the Engine just worked perfectly. By the way, I found that the Engine only takes up 1.5GB of Physical memory which used to take at least 3GB in windows 7, I’m not sure whether Microsoft did some interesting thing or not.

What are the Oculus related files with windows 10???