Windows 10 and Unreal Engine 4

Hello guys!
Has anyone tried UE4 with new windows?
Can anyone say something about compatibility between UE4 and new january build of w10?
I now that officially support will come only with official release of OS, so I just want to know how well it’s working now

I haven’t tried on the January build yet, but it worked perfectly for me on the December build.

It works just fine.

Epic is pretty good at supporting new shiny things (;.

Any new news, rumours or thoughts on developing games after the latest keynotes?

Yes I would be interested if I can play with Windows 10 Unreal Tournament 4?

Rumor is that there is a DX10 Unreal4 build already…

awesome DX10, that should be even better performance than DX12

Unreal engine 4 does not install to an upgraded windows 10

I’ve installed UE4 just fine on my machine (using a clean install of Windows 10). I’ve gotten so far as launching it once to check a model… however… since I’m upgrading, I installed VS 2015 CE, which is not supported, and I cannot build the full version, which I need for my project (using the MMO template).

So, seeing how I am trying to build a “Next-Gen” VR based MORPG, there are several more things I need to wait on… VS2015 support, DX12 support, 3dsMax to actually fully work… I still haven’t tested World Machine, my Adobe products, or Substance products, but with how it’s going, I am not confident at all. So much for developing on and for the “next gen” of stuff.

I tried running a packaged project on Win10… and no go. No error. Just spawns, shows the loading image… then shuts down instantly. Tried compatability mode… no go…

Still having those issues Ky_lane?

I updated to Windows 10 and DirectX 12 and there isso many problems that atm I cannot really make anything with it.

Running 4.8 on Windows 10 perfectly now. However, I initially tried it on a upgrade install from windows 8.1 and it was HORRID. Laggy as hell. Did a clean install of 10 yesterday and it runs much better now :slight_smile:

ITS *** sorrry here my file dump [0810/] Running without renderer sandbox
[0810/] Running without renderer sandbox
[0810/] ChildThread::EnsureConnected()
[0810/] Running without renderer sandbox

I have had this problem for MONTHS now (I’m a beta test for 10.)

I just did a clean install of Windows 10 last night. Downloaded UE8.4.3 and it takes about 10 minutes to open a project that took about 2 in Windows 8.1. Scared.

its glad to hear, that ue4 should work fine.

but what’s is with all the other softwares (Maya, Substance and so on), working around ue4. iam still really cautious with win10.
would be nice, if you guys share your experince. :slight_smile:

I haven’t had any problems yet! Unreal, Visual Studio 2013, and Maya seem to be working fine so far and I’ve noticed a performance increase as well since I’ve upgraded to 10. :slight_smile:

UE4 is good on Win 10.
Windows OS is basically a graphical update with little changes.
It will work the same.

I just rolled up a couple days ago. I had to scrub and reinstall my video drivers (Nvidia) but otherwise no problems. Unreal has been running great, and it feels faster, but that might just be “new OS smell”.