Windows 10 and Unreal Engine 4

seems to work but cant update :frowning:


Sorry for this news_
If you dont like Windows 10 then check this out!:

Till now its only rumors!

New ReactOS

By the way Maybe MS will have some new OS competitor anyday! Checkout the new System on the block! (ReactOS):

Any Ideias on that?

This project exist since like forever. It’s fun, but let’s be honest. Replacing one windows wih another is not really improvment.
The real problems with windows is the fact, it is badly designed from the core, there are some good designs in higher layers, and there are some fundamental design choices which are ridiculous, but can’t there is no way to get rid of them fast because of backward compatibility.

That means… I can buy new machine with windows 10 and UE4.10 will work perfectly??

UE4.10 works great on win10 even there is currently some small performance leak that epic is aware and working on.

But would definitely use win10. Dx12 will be only working with it and it could be big step forward.

I’m using Windows 10 (64) and have no problems with Unreal Engine (4.9.2 and 4.10.0) so far.

One thing is worth mentioning though. I’m using the engine for ~9 hours each day, sometimes without restarting it. After the so continuous usage it starts lagging, but I believe it’s due to my very slow PC (Intel i3-4000M 2.4 GHz 4GB RAM).

works great on Windows 10

Yep, engine is fairly stable… crashes im getting Im pretty sure I would have gotten on win 8 or 7 too.
Launcher login seems to be a bit faulty, but I wouldnt blame win 10 for that either.

it says i can’t install unreal engine 4.10 because I don’t have windows ten , well I’m updating windows now then I’ll try again

Finnaly the answer i was looking for. Damnit…

universal app

all said…can i make a game which runs on lumia phones and desktops like game available in store now?

BY the way!..

**…The ReactOS competable operating system has updated its site! :smiley:

…anyone think it can RUN UE4??? :smiley:

…Well maybe UE1!?..

…BTW the ReactOS version 0.4.0 is FREE!!! :)**

windows 10

1.install windows 8
2.install Driver computer
3.install unreal engine 4
4.rum unreal engine 4
5.copy Foldel unreal engine store (Epic Games) Full
6.update windows 10
7.install Driver computer
8.copy Foldel unreal engine to C:\Profram Files (x86)\Epic Games
9.install unreal engine 4
10.install unreal engine 4
11.rum unreal engine 4

it doesn’t work, it wont open it says it doesn’t support it

win 10

Does not download the newer version download

Yes it works very fast and starts up in about 18 seconds.

Yes it does.

si sirve ue4 en windows 10 porfavor lo necesito a mi no me quiere servir

I downloaded UE4 on w10 but it is slow and takes forever to load.