Wind & Physics affecting Particles System? [Help]

Hey Folks, I’ve got some questions about UE4’s Cascade.

[Wind Influence in Cascade?]
If I wanted to make rain/snow/dust particles be influenced by wind is there a module that does that? So far I’ve only seen Vector Fields as an option, and only for GPU Particles. Vector fields wouldn’t make it dynamic and would just be faking the movement ASFAIK. It wouldn’t allow for things such as directional change (player moves left, rain moves left).

[Collision w/ a Roll]
Does Cascade allow Mesh Input particles to roll on collision? Example: Explosion with a bunch of debris, the debris flies out then hits the ground and rolls off eventually stopping in place. Basically have physics applied to the mesh debris on impact.

So far I only see Freeze as an option under Actor Collision outside of Halt Collision/Kill. Although I want it to keep rolling until it fades out. Someone mentioned something about reducing “friction” in one of the modules, but I haven’t seen that option.

[Rectangle Location Emitter]
Is there a way to set up the location module in a way that will emit particles from the edges of a rectangle? I only see Circle, Sphere, and Triangle as options for shape.

Any ideas? Thanks.

For the wind influence you could try to use a velocity/acceleration module which is driven by a parameter value, so you can change the value during the gameplay.

As for the collision/roll thing I have no idea. Maybe instead of particles, try using actual mesh components on an actor?

The ractangle emitter is not possible with the vanilla modules.
I wrote a particle editor plugin which might be interesting for you: Particle Editor Extension by Cultrarius

@Cultrarius: Thanks for the info! Yea, acceleration could totally be controlled by blueprints to fake wind direction (paired with PSA_Velocity and Size by Life).

I think the collision thing is not for Cascade and is related to the Physics Material. That’d require some coding from the programmers on the team.

I’ll definitely need to read into your plugin more. Thanks for the link.

For the collision w/ roll. Any reason you want to use particles for the debris and not a destructible mesh?

I think it would be simpler and less costly with a destructible.

I assumed that’d be the easiest way? I want rock chunks and dirt to fly out of the ground when the particle explodes. It has more dimensions to it instead of the typical flat cards.

I’ve never used destructible meshes before. It looks like that’s made for shooting/breaking instead of exploding. Is there a tutorial on exploding meshes within UE4? I know at least that it has collision and gravity.

Yes, destructible meshes are indeed a good idea for that sort of thing.
Basically you create a destructible mesh from one of your static meshes (e.g. your rock), spawn it and apply a radius damage with some impulse. The damage breaks the mesh and the impulse lets the little parts fly around :slight_smile:

Just have a look at these tutorials:

Destructibles Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation and