Will Unreal Engine 4 support Windows 10's Universal Platform?

Hello all! Microsoft recently announced that developers will be able to develop something for one platform and have it work on other platforms such as the Xbox One. Will Unreal Engine 4 support this? Thanks! :slight_smile:

good question, well you would think so, right…? so come on somebody from the staff let us know please. Not demanding, just asking kindly here, ok… :slight_smile: XD

Bumping up this question.:slight_smile:

Currently, UE4 already runs on Windows 10 and Xbox One, so whether they have support specifically for Windows 10 and the extra features it offers remains to be seen. Most likely we will learn more closer to the release of Windows 10 and DirectX 12

The main advantage would be that it would add support for Windows Phone, since it doesn’t support that at all right now.

UE4 currently do not support Windows 8 universal apps. But I hope this will change with the release of Windows 10. If I was in charge of Microsoft I would make sure to give Epic everything they need to support the platform.

Sorry for bumping this thread, but I’d like to know if there are any news on that. Specifically, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 Universal Apps can be side-loaded on retail XBox Ones for testing, it would be cool if this could be used with UE4 games as well.

I would like to know if there is any ETA for when Universal Windows Apps will be supported? And if it will be possible to test them on retail XBox Ones?

The UE 4.9 release notes only say:
Universal Windows Platform apps are not yet supported.
Various loose ends still remain (search for “@todo UWP” in Unreal Build Tool code).
Which is nice since it means this is being worked on. Some more details would be much appreaciated though!

Also interested in this!

Current github code has clear progress on this, but still a lot of @todo here and there. It seems we’ll get UWP support soon and I hope Windows Store (PC + mobile) easy deployment along the way too. Thank you Epic!

See this thread for the main discussion on the topic:

This is not what we are asking for.

We’d like to be able to create Universal apps which will run seamlessly across devices.

The legacy Win32/x64 apps are not the future of the Microsoft platform.

The growth will be universal apps. Until then, there is Unity (and maybe the new Havok acquisition will help here too).

Hopefully Tim will see the light and get Unreal Engine on Windows 10 UWP app support. Or maybe the focus is on Android and iOS…

I would also like to see Universal app support. Even if not that important for PC or phone, going forward it will probably be a god way to target XB1 and HoloLens.

Here is a quote from the ID@XboX program FAQ:
" Can I use my retail Xbox One as a developer kit?
Not yet. For developers working on Universal Windows Apps, you’ll be able to test your games on a retail Xbox One sometime after the second half of 2015. Selling UWAs on Xbox One will come in 2016. "
Since it’s already 2016 this Microsoft FAQ is either totally outdated, or the UWA testing on retail Xbox One should be possible by now or at least very soon.
So any news on when UWAs will be a supported platform in UE4?!?

Ask yourself is it really worth invest on devloping support for platfroms that is already supported by UE4? Engine it self has platform wrappers that makes games to seemlessly work on many platforms that even UWP does not support. UWP won’t make much of a diffrence here.

You guys seem more interested in Windows Phone then UWP, so maybe you should ask about Windows Phone support then UWP

It seems like windows store supporting win32 based games will never happen after win10 universal has been introduced not more than a year ago.

Unity already has it since 5.2 and I believe Unreal+UAP feature will make sense as well.

So, to make this clear. If someone is interested to publish his UE4 Game or App for Windows Phones or Windows Tablets running windows 10 mobile , that obviously do not support x32/64 apps, can he do it with a wrapper or is it not supported at all?

UWP seems to be a significant way forward now Microsoft has revealed that all Hololens tech will use the UWP. Also, having access to building for the UWP would allow a massive reduction on labour and development time if we can create for Windows, XBox One, Hololens and Windows 10 Mobile all at once with just really minor adjustments.

Other companies are starting to work on Hololens-type technologies (some without the glasses) - although it is still more at patent stage than anything concrete. Something tells me that Microsoft’s UWP compatibility is going to be very much at the forefront of the usable apps in these areas given their years of work ahead of the others in this field.

Microsoft are already recommending Unity as the development platform of choice for Hololens, and it would really behoove Epic to consider the potential past the first versions of Hololens and ahead into the next few years. As VR headsets become more advanced and start to use ‘see-through-the-headset’ tech, as well as reduce in size and weight, they’ll become more AR capable as well, and between all the large companies interested in developing such technologies, it would seem better to have large amounts of capable and practiced developers all well practiced and versed in making products for such technologies.

Generally more companies and startups are leaning towards Unity because of wider platform support. Unreal with UWP would solve these issue.

Epic should make common ground with Microsoft and support UWP. UWP is a big thing and Microsoft invests largely in this platform, I think UE will lose much ground if UWP support is not implemented soon. As for Unity, it’s a subpar engine compared to UE, and having to jump from one engine to another is not ideal or cost effective. UE should support as many formats as it can and UWP is a big opportunity for a united windows environment. Just check this video:

At the moment the only thing that UE4 doesn’t support is Windows Phone, which is so small it’s not a big deal, they’ve worked on Hololens support and already have support for Windows and Xbox One. They may have to consider if doing specific platform support is going to be a problem in the future, but if it’s not then they might just stick with what’s working now.