Will UEFN's Verse allow for HTTP requests?

I’m wondering if we will be able to interface with the Unreal Engine’s HTTP modules and classes with the upcoming Unreal Editor for Fortnite. This would allow us to implement custom backends that keep track of stats, leaderboards, analytics, etc. about our custom maps. I understand that this might be outside the scope of the language as its design is purely a scripting language.


+1 for this. With the quality of tools and the scripting language here, being able to create worlds with some level of persistence would be a game changer.

+1. do we know if we can make API calls from Verse?

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The team is working on persistence features that will be coming online throughout the rest of the year. They’ll be built as Verse APIs rather than by exposing HTTP web APIs.


+1 But my purpose will be for commercial usage. For example users can get digital twin of a real car accessory and if they want it, they can contact with a reseller or buy it directly ??

We’ll be working on ways to do these things over time. It probably involves extending our OpenAuth account linking interface (which can associate a Fortnite account with accounts in other ecosystems) to support configurable third party account systems, and a standard for authorizing and accessing ownership records across ecosystems. It has to be done rigorously so there isn’t a wild west of everyone writing custom code to pop up login/password boxes and talking to random servers.


Any progress with this? We would love to use UEFN to build our virtual live concert place where artists can perform live as avatars. We do it in our own Unreal Engine project but moving this to UEFN would certainly be of mutual benefit for all sides. But we need access to our audio and motion streaming via UDP. Is there a way to get whitelisted or something like this?

I haven’t seen any future plans to support this functionality yet, but hopefully they will add it. We use FiveM currently to stream UDP music and on occasion embed live twitch stream events for DJs. Being able to hook into external services would greatly enhance abilities in an API first world.

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