Will UE support inset shadow of point light / rect light / cone light?

Hello, everyone!
I find that directional shadow has the inset shadows parameters while other light type not. However, if player is in the house, for example, a large gym or museum. It will be better to draw per object shadow into another texture to gain a higher quality shadow depth texture.
If UE will support it in the future? Or there are some tough problems in implementing this feature. If not, I can try to write it myself.

Sorry for my poor expression. For directional light:
If not toggle inset shadow, every object is render into a cascade shadow depth texture. here is the renderdoc data and you can see the blurred shadow edge here.(1st photo)

If the cube toggle inset shadow, directional light shadow depth will split into two process. One regular cascade depth and another perobject shadow depth atlas.(2nd 3rd photo) This process can lead to a higher shadow quality.(4th 5th photo)

However, when render character indoor, the point light / rect light / cone light cannot do inset shadow like directional light. But I still want to get a higher quality shadow because the widgets on the character will accept and project shadow. It can be very obvious, I also push the character shootcut here. You can see the light leak of character widgets in the capture. (6th 7th photo)

So I want to know if other light type will add this inset features in the future or if there are any tough problems here?