Will there be games for chromebook?

Hi. As an avid chromebook user I wanted to know would it ever be possible for games such as the sims or the new game on steam that hasn’t been released yet, alterlife to be rendered to work on chromebook? Chromebook has a standard processing system so even if it only works on certain chromebooks, I think it would be a great monetary investment for this company to make games that are compatible with chromebooks.

There is HTML5 support, but i know some people have issues trying to make it work. But this is best potion right now to check it out

Be aware that building to HTML5 is no longer being maintained and developed by Epic, but versions of Unreal Engine 4 older than 4.25 I think, still do it, and there’s a community who has branched the Unreal Engine source code to continue improving the HTML5 features.