Will Level Sequencer work with Static StaticMeshes?

This is a very simple question. I was trying Matinee yesterday and found out its being replaced by Level Sequencer. In Matinee, I couldn’t add this staticmesh door I had in the level. I found the solution is to change the setting from Static to Movable. So I did the same in Level Sequence. Its only a small door opening animation. Then my lighting started acting weird. The frame around the door was static and it was looking alright but with the same material this door was ultra bright.

I suspected this might be because of the object being movable. I changed the setting back to static just to see if it’ll look the same as the frame. Finally, it looked just like the frame around it. Now my assumption was the Door open animation shouldn’t work because its a level sequence and I was thinking Level sequencer doesn’t work with Static static meshes. BUT IT WORKS!!!

How is this still working?

Explanation anyone?

yes it will posses and spawn any kind of actors

you must use stationary light there