Will LAN Party give me lag?

Hi, I am very confused.

I hosted my dedicated server on my machine.

Gave my friend my public IP.

He joined, and I had lag. Proper Lag.

I then opened up a few clients, and joined Via the lag wasn’t something you can notice.

I then tried my ip the router give me. there was some form of lag.

If this was done in a LAN Party, where everyone connects to a router (and the router is not connected to the internet) will I have lag?

Same issue here. When my friend joins the lobby there is a kind of lag, but it also seems like a FPS drop. I NEED HELP

This is really putting me off multiplayer games.

I know as network developers, you need to make up for lag, you need to overcome and think of anything that may go wrong, COD Games, use the old Quake engine, 10+ year old engine, Heavily modified.

Even with Ue4 network enabled AVechile, and ACharacter class, I find lag. It’s high level, I know, but with C++ you can write an awesome solution!

Do I go to single player games? Or choose a new career, probably in graphics/ software engineering/ network engineering? Mid life crisis. Sorry.

Hahah mate Unreal Engine makes me crazy too! I have a topic on the forum about creatin sessions in C++ where I’m getting always more doubts as I go. However I don’t know how I’m not giving up. Maybe becsuse I’m too young to give up, and I have still a lot of time to invest learning Unreal engine