Will doing blueprints actually get me a career?

I really want to learn blueprints, in fact i’m here from Unity but will it actually get me a career?
While learning blueprints and realizing “Wow, it’s so efficient to use and I can learn it pretty good” That question shoots my mind if blueprints are worth learning or not, most companies would prefer it if I knew C++ or C# right? to be honest i’m not really ready to learn C++ so, should I learn blueprints or not?

you should know both in theory, the point is, C++ is a popular language, blueprint is a “UE4 exclusive” language, i’ve seen discussions about this before, a developer in the forums - unfortunately cant find the link - said they were happy to learn blueprint, and his companny would never go back to full C++, but it’s something new so they were still trying to define exactly what should be done in blueprint and what in C++, the point is that C++ is much faster than blueprints, and C++ have more features, but blueprint is really easy to learn, and faster to do whatever you want, so it’s great for doing prototipes.
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“Will doing blueprints actually get me a career?”
A programmer that works in unreal needs to know both, knowing only one of them would make it harder to get a job, but also it deppends on what company you want to work, the best option is to ask them, if you want to create a small company and create a game, you can do it with only blueprints, as i said C++ is very popular, if you really know it it’s much better to get a job (maybe not exactly with urneal, and maybe not exactly with game development)
“should I learn blueprints or not?”
if you want to work with unreal in a big company yes, but try to learn C++ too, don’t be afraid to learn, knowledge is the only thing that you keep.