Wildcart c++ function for blueprint doesnt work as expected

UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, meta = (DisplayName = “MinusArray”, CompactNodeTitle = “MinusArray”,
ArrayParm = “Result,BaseArray”, ArrayTypeDependentParams = “ArrayToMinus”, BlueprintThreadSafe), Category = “Utilities|Array”)
static void GetArrayMinusOtherArray(const TArray<UProperty*>& BaseArray, const TArray<UProperty*>& ArrayToMinus, TArray<UProperty*>& Result);

This function compiles and 2 pins work as expected, but here, in this list of params, ArrayParm = “Result,BaseArray”, second parameter is being ignored by engine. The result is as you can see it on photo: if i connect some array to one of pins (ArrayToMinus) which is supposed to define the type of all other pins, type of one pin is being ignored. Even if i give it type directly, it still remains untyped. This happens to every parameter in the ArrayParm list, apart from first. For first parameter everything works as expected, for second and third typing doesnt work. I dont know if its bug or im doing something wrong, but i would like to get some help or explanation