Wild Animal Pack - Wolf deer hare bear

I did a wild animals pack that unfortunately didnt make it through to the trello boards, but as there was a demand for animals I thought I would just put it up on gumroad if people wanted it, instead of it going to waste
https://sellfy/p/E6Yp/ <-For Paypal

Wolf by Dokyo on Sketchfab
Deer by Dokyo on Sketchfab
Bear by Dokyo on Sketchfab
Hare by Dokyo on Sketchfab

Awesome - gonna grab these as soon as I get home (no card on me). $10 for 4 animated characters is a steal. Thanks man! :smiley:

I never saw you on Trello, when were you there? If you would have created a thread here in the forums before you surely would have passed through trello successfully :slight_smile: Such animations are really missing on the marketplace.

No worries, enjoy. please let me know on here how you get on with them.

Hey, they didnt make it through QA to reach the trello boards. They werent seen to be ‘next gen’ enough and some of the deer movement was said to be off, which is all fair enough, the marketplace is new and its good their being strict with submissions. Also I put a price of around $50? on them as tehy took me some time to do, so maybe my price point was taken into consideration too.
I’d just like to see people get some use out of them so I’m just charging the $10 on gumroad. be cool to see tehm in some games!

@DoKyO, any plans to take a second pass at them, maybe increase the mesh res and smooth out some of the little animation hics, so you can reapply to the Marketplace?

Just curious. For my purposes they work fine either way :slight_smile:

Grabbed em just now, nice and smooth. I’ll let you know how they look in game.

Very nice! I’ll be buying these tonight!

can’t buy with paypal :frowning:

I would also like to use Paypal :slight_smile:

I also agree with n00854180t, if you would polish some animations a bit more you surely would get in the marketplace :slight_smile: Just try it.

@n00854180t I could increase the poly counts on them and increase the 2k maps to 4k? and then use the current mesh as lod1, if that would be helpful? were there any animations imparticular that you would like polishing or just overall? Let me know. They may take me a bit of time

@Axxi and . I didnt realise you couldnt pay with paypal on gumroad, Ive just set up a sellfy page as you can use paypal with them.

Also please let me know on here how you get on with them.

that’s better i purchased thx :D. Btw there is a licence for this?

License will be the same as unreals, for use in unreal4 engine only, so you can use them in the games you make to sell etc.

I haven’t gone over them yet, but I’m guessing that a bit of remesh on, for instance, the paws of the wolf, wouldn’t go amiss - right now they lack a bit of the finer structure you see on canines (which again, is fine for my purposes, but may have contributed to the comments about next gen quality or whatnot). If you could work over the rest of the animals a bit in that fashion on places that look a little low definition, that would probably take you 90% of the way there to getting the “next gen” quality needed.

As for the animations, I haven’t gone over them yet, but I did notice there were a couple of “hics/jumps” in the animation at a few points - just generally smoothing those out would put you in a good spot.

That said, it depends on your needs @DokyO - I think that you could definitely bring these up to the quality that the Marketplace desires and resubmit, but it’s really just a matter of whether you think its worth your time to do so versus just selling the pack as it is (which again is fine).

Also, overall please don’t take any mentions of the animals not quite being “next gen” as a negative from me - after all, I bought the pack and am happy with it as is. I’m just trying to provide the feedback you might need to resubmit to the Marketplace, should you desire :slight_smile:

ok nice thx allot and nice animals

Edit: honestly i don’t understand the logic of the marketplace since a pack with some HP pickup can go in wich everyone with basic BP knowledge can make that easy and a pack with beautifull animals didn’t go in and i can bet that this has allready more sales than that

Thanks for the sellfy link! Have bought it :slight_smile:

Looks awesome! :smiley:

A quick question before I purchase, what animation sets are there? I am specifically looking for:

  • Idle
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Attack
  • On hit
  • Death
  • Turn Left/Right
  • Walk Left/Right
  • Run Left/Right

As far as poly count goes, I admit I haven’t looked much into them, just the single images, but as far as quality goes, they look perfect for what I need, considering my cpu/gpu costs (VR). Mesh LOD’s would be a huge benefit, in case the player is able to get right up on the animal without being detected.

After looking at the assets I think you should actually decrease the poly count for a lod1. The bear has 13K tris, which is a lot. I think it would be nice to have one LOD where the bear would have like 2K tris, so not having any “fleecy” fur. Because for having it somewhere in the distance 13K tris is really much, while in the distance you don’t really see the fur :slight_smile:

I agree with this. When I mentioned increasing polycount and remeshing, I was mostly speaking to improving the geometry in terms of anatomical correctness.

I do agree that if DoKyO is interested in having another go getting these on the Marketplace, it should probably have 2 more LODs:

  • A higher detail one with some remeshing done on certain areas (bear’s face/jaw and paws, wolf’s jaw and paws etc.) to bring up the look to “next gen” standard somewhat.

  • The current detail level set as the 2nd LOD.

  • A third mesh with much lower polygons as you mention, for far away (e.g., no fur etc.).

Hey guys thanks for getting back to me. I’ll have a look this weekend but it may be a case of remaking everything will be easier than going back and trying to improve on it. Like if I throw the bear into zbrush to improve the face/jaw etc I’ll have to re skin etc so I may just leave all as is. And then start a new pack. Maybe other wild animals, chickens n cows etc? Would anyone be interested in that?
I’m currently in whistler getting photo reference for a forest pack I’ve been interested in doing since I saw the kite demo and that megascans jungle, but I can start some other animals on the side. Let me know.
P.s on my phone so I know my punctuation sucks.