Wild Animal Pack - Wolf deer hare bear

Also as I know more on what poly counts/lod specs people are after, my next animated release will be spot on.
Oh I’ve also got a dinosaur pack I submitted few months ago, I’l get a new thread sorted for that one tho. Thanks.

That’s not a bad idea DoKyO, do a new pack with the higher quality (e.g., more anatomically correct, mainly) from the start.

For my part I’d certainly be interested in other common animals like you mentioned - cows, chickens, sheep, even some birds wouldn’t go amiss.

Edit: Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to look for an artist to collaborate with on a base male/female pack with “customization” sliders (i.e., body/face morphs) for the Marketplace. I was thinking we could use Makehuman to get the different morphed base meshes, and then clean them up some before giving it the character rig and all that jazz. I’d write all the UMG and slider logic for it.

Send me a PM if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

Birds would be cool, dont know how i could get close enough to get photos for textures tho! would have to find a sanctuary.
Oh Gumroad now excepts paypal which is cool!