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New Slate Tutorial: Tree View


**A Slate window that auto-updates to reflect changes on my harddrive.

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hahah rama I was reading this thread yesterday, and amazed at how many tuts you put up. Then while watching the stream from today, they invited you out. that’s amazing, dude. hope your visit to epic was fun

Haha yea it was a ton of fun!

All the folks at Epic are such wonderful down-to-earth and friendly people!

Epic is composed entirely of people whom you can really appreciate and relate to, and they’re smart and nice!

Glad you enjoy the tutorials!



I also got a kick out of your guest appearance on the stream, was a fun surprise.

Anyways though, I wanted to say thanks for your Entry Level Guide to UE4 C++. Was definitely able to better wrap my head around the subtle differences between C++ syntax and other more modern-day languages. Also helped to keep in mind that C++ was partly designed to work around the memory constraints back then.

If it isn’t too much trouble though, I’d like to request a section be added to that guide that discusses header files (.h). As far as I know, I haven’t come across another language that uses them (although I’m sure they are out there), and I feel like it’s the last major thing that should be covered for newbies like me who aren’t familiar with them. I’ve figured out how to use header files, at least partially, but I don’t understand why they are used.

Looking forward to digging into more of your tutorials and guides as I get further into UE4, Rama (and everyone else, of course). Really appreciate the hard work that’s been put into building the wiki so quickly.

Dear Boushiya,

Great to hear from you!

Glad you enjoyed my guest appearance! Hee hee!

Here’s a great C++ reference on the use of header files:

**Why I Like Header Files**

I like header files because it gives you an overview of the entire .cpp in a nicely organized and simple and concise format.

Most of the time when I browser UE4 source code I just look at the .h files because I just need to know

a. what inputs does the function need

b. what does it do

c. what return values will I get?

I dont often need to know all the 100s of lines of .cpp code involved in the above!

**So header files give you a snapshot of the .cpp file!**

Get used to them, you'll learn to really like them as your project size grows :)


PS: a little too short for a wiki tutorial , but hopefully people read through this thread :)

Thanks for sharing, helped me realize I was looking for technical reasons why .h files are there, when they are more or less simply there for aesthetics. Basically taking the commenting code convention to the next level by showing an overview (snapshot!) of all the function prototypes.

Might be a short topic, but certainly helpful for an entry-level guide addition to understanding a useful part of C++ culture and learning how to easily look into code when the documentation may be lacking. Thanks again. :smiley:

Yea Rama your Entry Level Guide its awesome!!!

Love you!!! ;D

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Glad you enjoyed it DvDev!

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Hello guys, I am totally a beginner in unreal engine 4. :smiley: I have been learnt c++ at school. However there are so many differences when programming with unreal engine.

  1. Can I have an abstract class ?
  2. How do we define a pointer ?
  3. How constructor and destructor works ?
  4. What is PCIP in a class constructor ?
  5. My project crashed when i add these line :

AState_Idle inherits from AState.
AState inherits from Actor

I appreciate any help :smiley: sorry for bad english

Regarding this question, see this tutorial of mine!

I suggest working from the C++ Templates in UE4 as a starting point, and learning from there.

My above tutorial is an entry level guide to UE4 C++ that should get you going quite happily :slight_smile:


hi rama, i see you youtube video Relative Point Gravity system
this is so cool, and this is what i want in UE4, i want make a rocket game like kerbal space program, which will use such system.
how can i make a ball have it’s own gravity in UE4 in blueprint?
can you help me? i don’t know c++ :slight_smile:

thanks a lot!

That’s a big project, and not something I can easily expose as a blueprint node via plugin :slight_smile:

I could make a custom gravity BP node though, and you could handle the rest of the logic in blueprints, will let you know when I get around to doing that :slight_smile:


A little late to the party but I thought i’d join in as well with a tutorial. Before I post it i’d like to thank Rama for all of his tutorials he’s posted up and the amount of work he has put in to the entire section. I probably won’t be creating nearly as much as Rama but I would like to help people get their foot in the door for folks who are new to programming and really want to get involved with Unreal Engine 4.

Anyways, please enjoy.

Wow this is quite the extensive and well-written tutorial!

Thanks for sharing!



New Tutorial


Example: Converting Binary Data to a Float variable**



Very cool, and thank you! I will enjoy this very much. :slight_smile: Was this submitted recently? I usually check every couple of days on the recent additions and never see it change. Figured there just wasn’t much Wiki love going on.

Hey Guys!

I know Rama already set up a pretty darn good interactive HUD system, but I took that system as a learning step, then…

  • made it a class level object orientated system
  • made it so it has multiple button states (Normal, Highlight, Clicked)
  • animation
  • can all be handled in material editors, etc.
    (Meaning full artist control!)

(Whether or not it’s better or worse is up for debate, as I’m pretty new to this…)

I loosely based it around Unity 3D’s OnGUI system, so here you go!
Unity Style HUD system!

GUI Windows and Layouts will be coming soon, but I don’ think this is too bad for a 3 day power session! **xD
**(1351 Lines… Cry…)

If anyone has any queries or anything, feel free to PM me!
Also feel free to contribute and work on any UObject Memory Management issues that may crop up!
Only been using Unreal’s C++ for a few weeks, so there may be a few… (A LOT) of problems!