[WIKI] C++ Inventory problem

Hey guys. I’m learning how to work with C++ on UE4 and reading some tutorials. Trying to create an inventory with this one: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

I’m stuck at the “open level blueprint” part at the ‘Graphical User Interface’ topic. I think there is a image missing. Can someone help me? What should I add to level blueprint?


Yeah there is a screenshot missing.
But there is a link to the original inventory video tutorial in the article, maybe it can help.

Also, it suggest to handle some things in the level blueprint, which is really not a good way to do things. I understand you’re just learning, but maybe it make sense to look for another tutorial about an inventory system, or just make this part by yourself, depends on what exactly should be made on that step (I didn’t read the tutorial itself).

UPD.: Ah, by the way there is a repository available with the whole project from the tutorial’s author, you can download it and take a look to the level blueprint. Though it was made in UE 4.18 according to the uproject file, so it may not compile in newer versions – so you’ll need to fix the errors or install the UE 4.18.