Wierd yellow outline

When I open up any project, all things make a weird yellow outline.

This bug is weird. anybody have any suggestions?

possibly something wrong with the highlight shader. The one that appears when you click on an actor. Try click on other actors in the world?

No, it happens when editing the level.

Any more details you could give? Can you recreate it in a blank project? What sort of computer specs do you have? Are you sure your hardware isn’t defective? etc?

Ummm… My computer is a 64 bit Ubuntu Machine. That’s all I really know. I can recreate it in a blank project. I don’t think anything is wrong with my machine. This started happening when I edited the level in 4.16. In my previous version, 4.14, this never came up.

I noticed that when I select like player start, there is a highlight around the object. That’s normal. But if I change camera position so I can edit a different part of the level, the outline is still there. If I select the whole map, the outline becomes a nightmare.

This is most likely because of linux editor…

This is annoying.

same on my windows PC