Wierd light leak?

This one is driving me insane.
It’s not really a light leak.
the environment is manifold.

It’s something I don’t know about that has to do with either a reflection capture, or the proximity of a point light.

You’ll probably say “who the hell cares, it’s literally one squiggly line in the whole thing”… and while I don’t necessarily care, I’m just curious on what it is and how to prevent it - because let’s be honest. I never ever bake lights :stuck_out_tongue:
(and will probably just go to dynamic already).


I think you just build lights in low quality! Looks like not enough samples in your scene… Maybe you just left the lightmass settings on default…

No, its production with 10 bounces each.
It’s not model ligjtmap or geometry driven far as i can tell.

I’ll try sticking an engine plane in and baking again to see if it colors in the same though… about the only thing I have not tried.
Assuming it will since I tried 10 different models for the doorway and they all came out that way…

Samples are coming from the Indirect Lighting Quality /under lightmass settings/ what do you have you there?

Probably not it. was set to 2, waiting on a bake rn.

Placed a cube above so as to check if geometry is the issue, and bumped the indirect quality to 4 just because.

Running another bake with just the cube - because it doesn’t look half as bad as the door frame.
If it doesn’t bake right, I’ll do a bake without reflection captures just to test.

Engine’s box does the same thing… Going to proceed without reflection captures to see what happens.

No. still bouncing “something” from “somewhere”.
Just made the floor fully rough to test. not sure where else this can be coming in from really.

i don’t know what ur problem might be but it the past I had a similar problem with a custom mesh i had from blender, and after researching for days I found out that not resetting the rotation of the mesh inside blender was causing the problem, so I applied the rotation in blender reimported it and it was fine.

I’ll check if the mesh has any rotations (maybe the slant portion).

I doubt it has anything to do with it because the engine cube gets the same artifact, but its worth checking.

No rotations on any of the (probably way too many) 30+ meshes that make up the apartment.

Also, making the floor rough didn’t change a thing.

I already know a fully rough material doesn’t change anything since the engine box is not reflective.

“Why don’t you ever bake lights” they said.
“It’s nice for architectural stuff” they said…

Yet another engine failure :slight_smile:

If you’re doing archviz… Right now the light is calculated only with 1 cm accuracy…
And with that blur you’re bluring all your detailed lighting out…
Could you show the lightmap of this mesh and what resolution it’s on?

Again, because of the engine cube this has nothing to do with the model.
The artifact crops up after a bake even with a 2k shadow res on the door.
Currently it’s set to whatever the engine colors green (I think 512) but bumping it to oblivion doesn’t change the shading for it.