WidgetInteraction doesnt work when two is present

(Running 4.14.3)

Hello everyone, I am experiencing some weird behavior with the Widgetinteraction component and using two in the same scene.

So what I have is a generic blueprint which act as MotionController for VR. My problem is, the WidgetInteraction only works on the right controller if both controllers are connected, if there is only one, everything works as intended. You can clearly see the left widget interaction is not firing off any “hover” states on the widgets at all, and using “Press Pointer Key” with it, doesnt work.Where as the right widgetinteraction fires off hover states and everything.

Here is a screenshot of the generic motioncontroller blueprint


And the pawn setup:


There’s an option like Widget Index in the Widget Interaction Component properties, in order to use two of these you need to set one as “0” and other one with “1”.