WidgetComponent tearing


I would like to place a widget in front of the player in VR, so I do the following:

I add a “WidgetComponent” to the FirstPersonCamera as a child and place it slightly in front of the camera. For testing purposes in the widget I place a simple “Image”.

When I run the VR preview in editor, if I move the camera there is some heavy tearing appearing. The same issues appears in simple play mode, even if it’s less noticeable (if the movement is fast the tearing increases).

I tested in 4.11, 4.12 and 4.14 with the same results.

  1. RedrawTime in the WidgetComponent is set to 0.0 (default), so it should redraw every frame.
  2. With “Instanced Stereo” the issue persists

Could someone please provide some suggestions on how to solve this issue, because I really can’t figure out a workaround.