Widget won't update in game please help !

Hello !

I ve been stuck on this for days now. I followed epics gamepad tutorial ( Gamepad Support for UMG | Community Led Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube ) and I don’t understand why my UI doesn’t update whenever i try to navigate from slots to slots (i use a xbox gamepad)

I tried setting up the default index to different defaults values and it reacts correctly (here it’s set to 1 so the second slot is selected (0 is the first slot)) so i guess the widget is supposed to work (plus i followed every steps of epics video tutorial . I added breakpoints and everything seems to be good on the gamepad input side, but the Widget wouldn’t update once i run the game and try to switch to other slots.

Here are some screens :

If you need any other info, please ask and i will provide screens !

I don’t understand whats going on here i really need your inputs on that matter otherwise I may get crazy in a couple of days lol

Thanks !