Widget web browser problem[Oculus]

So I have a VR Project where I have a 3d widget that has experimental web browser feature,I loads the url perfectly but the problem is that it has no sound and I can’t interact with them,help would be appreciated :wink:

Download Mitch’s VR Content Examples from here and check his Web Browser example. Can you interact with it? Do you get sound from it?

Nope no sound,nor interaction

Actually sound problem got fixed by it’s own,but interaction is still a problem,I mean when I open youtube in 3d widget and hover over for example dislike button it says “dislike”,so it surely recognizes that I hovered but I can’t press anything

Strange. Does the widget work as expected if you use it out of VR? Does the problem occur only when you use it as 3D widget in VR?

How do you interact with the widget? Do you use Press Pointer Key?

Yes,thank you for reminding me,that’s true,I use press pointer key,but I forgot that I had disabled input and that’s why the problem was caused,that’s mostly solved,however there is still something missing,when I open youtube it has sound perfectly,but when I open game which I have on the server it has no sound

There could be a difference in the way YouTube streams sound vs. how that game does it. I am afraid I cannot help any further at this point, it is very likely not an UE4 specific issue.

If you are happy with the troubleshooting so far, would you mind accepting my answer above? It could help others in the future to solve similar issues. Thanks!

I also have no interaction capability after downloading Mitch’s VR Content Examples and running with 4.18.3

Did you end up finding a solution to this issue?

Helo! woul you please give some tips how you solve the load URL in VR web browser?I’m testing on 4.27.2, just basic level, web browser plugin enabled, web browser displays a page fine in the editor. When Built and deployed on a Quest or Quest2, there is no content displayed.

This is a known issue and has been fixed for UE 5.2. You can download 5.2 from GitHub and compile it yourself if you want to use it prior to official release.