Widget Set Render Scale & Blurry Labels / Images


I’ve made a widget where I can zoom in by enlarging the elements using the Set Render Scale node.

The problem is, that when increasing the render scale, elements such as images or text become blurry.

Here is the original label at 100% scale:


And here it is at 200% scale:


This also happens with images. Even if a 1024x1024 pixels image is scaled down to 128x128 pixels in the editor, it will still become blurry when the scale is increased in-game.

When zooming in, in the widget editor, the text does not become blurry. Is there a way to stop it from becoming blurry in-game? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks :wink:

Reverse the process. Make the original very large - the max size you’ll ever want. Scale it down for initial display.

When the user zooms in, increase the scale without exceeding 1.