Text Widget Scaling Causes Blur

Hey everyone,

I have a zooming feature for my widget which contains text blocks that become blurry when changing the scale of the underlying widget. I know that this is related to the font size, but how am I supposed to adjust the font size when the entire widget is getting scaled? Can I separate the scaling of the inherited text blocks from the underlying widget? (Texts are already separate child widgets)

EDIT: Found this threat (Widget Set Render Scale & Blurry Labels / Images), but even setting text block’s scale to 0.25 and simply scaling up causes the blur effect…

Any help appreciated!

What I did in that thread is I the font size to the largest size anyone will ever see it at and then I just scaled the text box down as someone suggested. Worked for me. :man_shrugging:

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This indeed works, thanks for the suggestion. It requires minor tweaks with other effects like shadow and outline, but I see two problems with that:

  • It messes up the positioning within the widget, I have to test how to fix that especially for different screen resolutions
  • I fear it will consume a lot of performance that way…

I will stick to your solution for now, but maybe we can come up with a better approach?

But many thanks!

I don’t know of any other approaches, but if you come up with something, let us know. :wink: