Widget Reference through the server

Hello every1, Im posting this question cuz im having some problems with replicated variable when it comes to widgets.
I know widgets do not replicate but i just want to pass some reference about a certain widget through the server so i made this:

On player blueprint

i called it on my replicated actor like this

my objective is to set the replicated variable called Quest Widget as that local widget created on the actor function called Add quest to List, as shown at the second pic, so i can associate each quest with his own widget on the server but its not working at all with widgets… so is there anyway that i can pass widget references through the server? thanks in advance.

I believe you basically just have to create a variable client side (which gets sets by the server) then, send that info to the widget. Probably just have to create a new custom event that runs on owning client and put your widget connections there.