Widget Object Reference is not compatible with UI Sub-Inventory Object Reference

Hi, I’m trying to add items to my inventory widget, but I can’t call a function in the sub-inventory because it says they’re not compatible. All that gets added to the scroll box is a list of the UI_Sub-Inventory widget BPs, and I want to find the right sub-inventory to call the function in by getting a copy of the child in that array slot, but it says they’re not compatible. Does anyone know how to call the function the right sub-inventory?

The scroll box holds the most base widget type, since it needs to be able to hold pretty much anything.
And so, it returns a Widget object. It does not know if its a Panel Widget, User Widget or if it is your UI Sub- inventory.
So you need to cast the widget object to the kind of object that you expect it to be.

Do you mean like this? Because this just fails the cast every time

Time to trouble shoot then. Find out why the cast fails.
Print what the Get reference is.
Print the index of the integer.
Make sure everything is valid.

Okay, I’ve just done that, the ‘Get’ doesn’t return any information, it doesn’t even print as ‘None’ or anything.

So that’s an invalid reference. Getting any errors?
Check that the scroll box is valid, check the array length, verify that the array index is proper. Just got to keep checking things until you realize where it’s going wrong.