widget interaction ray is not visible after final vr build

In my VR project, I have a 3d menu which is interacting with widget interaction.When clicking on the play button in editor everything is fine like red color ray is visible and with that ray button hovering, clicking is working fine.But after Packaging project then Ray is not visible, but hovering clicking functionality working fine. But the ray is not visible why??
Anyone help me.

That’s because that ray is for debugging only so it only appears if you package in Development mode. To be clearer it is stripped when package for Shipping or Distribution.

So your options are:

  • Make a ray yourself. Only tricky part is doing the line trace to display the rectile
  • OR if you really wanted to keep that line package your project as development build and then manually do the steps to change it to a distribution build
  • OR find the code in the engine where the debug line is removed on packaging and modify it so it stays in

For mobile VR I did the second option for a while until just creating it myself (first option).