Widget-components in 4.22 get motion-blurred while motionless. Is this a setting or a bug?

See screenshots - I’ve migrated two unrelated projects from 4.21 to 4.22, and for both in 4.22 all widget components get incorrectly motion-blurred, making the UI unreadable while the player is moving. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Normally if motion-blur is enabled, a mesh or widget should blur if it’s moving through your field of view, but if it is attached to camera (or otherwise motionless relative to your field of view), it should not blur much because it’s not visibly moving. This is how 4.21 did it. In 4.22, meshes still motion-blur correctly like this, but when a widget is motionless onscreen yet the background is shifting (or if you are walking so that your camera and its child-widget is moving through space) the widget blurs out even though it’s not visibly moving, (presumably because it is moving relative to things around it, and/or is moving through world-space even though it’s not moving relative to the camera view)

I’ve tried messing with a ton of settings (and searching for possible new settings in likely places) but I haven’t made any progress.

(This seems like a bug, but it also seems problematic enough that I would have expected others to hit it and to be able to find references to it. So I’m wondering if instead I might be using some unique combination of settings that are producing the effect. Has anyone come across this?)

Does anyone have a widget-component NOT exhibiting this behavior in 4.22? (ie using motion-blur, a widget component in world-space attached to player camera so that it’s stationary onscreen, player moving through the world so the view is changing except the widget, and the widget draws correctly the same as it did in 4.21)

  • The widget-components are in world space (and need to be)
  • Static meshes blur correctly - when motionless on screen but moving through space, they don’t blur, yet a widget attached to them does blur.
  • The issue persists with a wide range of widget component settings, project settings, etc.
  • Are there any specific details I should provide that might help?