Widget Component Space "screen" not Touchable when using Mobile default Virtualjoystick


Hope someone can help me on this.

Widget Component Space “screen” not touchable when using Mobile default Virtualjoystick.

This is happening on Mobile, using the default virtual joystick
I have created a simple widget with Space Screen

And I have the joystick

If I remove the leftVirtualJoystick, the widget is Touchable and working fine.

It seems the leftVirtualJoystick is over the widget and then is not touchable , how I can fix that?
Note1: I’m using “Use Mouse for Touch” enabled to test the “touchable”.
Note2: I don’t wan’t to use World Space with widgetInteraction, first because the colors on screen are different when it’s displayed as world Space and also becuase even I put it infront, it doesn’t look nice as Space “Screen”

any help on this??

Thank you!

anyone can help? Thank you!