Widget Collision when Hidden?

When I hide a widget with “Set Visibility” my laser pointer still interacts with that hidden widget. In our game we have screens that are popped up and we go through them after they are set to invisible, but then a big pointer blob still shows up where the menu technically was and as we travel through the menu, its grows huge until the camera goes completely through it. Anyone know how to take care of this? Trying to maybe like destroy actor or something? Basically the pointer is colliding still with an invisible widget…


Not sure if you found a solution to this yet but there are a couple ways you can do this.

As you already mentioned you can simply create / destroy the widget as required.

Assuming your widget is within an actor, another thing you can do is set the Actor’s “Set Actor Enable Collision” node to false when you hide it and and back to true when you display it.

If you need to get more complicated (depending on your widget or actor) you can use nodes such as “Set Collision Response to Channel” or “Set Collision Profile Name”.