Widget Class Get Parent's Actor Variables

Version 4.8.3

Hi, I have build an actor class which will be placed throughout the scene and has a static mesh component and as a child, a billboard component. Currently when I add a widget component to the billboard and select its class (GUI_Root) and space (Screen Space). When I am constructing the GUI_Root widget and add the actor as a variable and get its variables to display in the GUI_Root Widget its as if the widget isn’t a child to the billboard at all.

For example I have set up a print string where the string is the widget’s parent and it returns “None”. Before this I noticed that when i’m plugging in some values from arrays into some widget functions the message “Accessed None” in the message log.

Is there a way to read and change variables from a widget component from its root parent actor. How can I set the widget as its child and/or set the widget’s parents as the actor class.

I’m sure its simple but having trouble to get the widget and actor to read each other properly.

Hey thanks, ill try this out tomorrow and let you know

Hi, so re-added the widget component to the actor class and made a variable in the widget which is the actor. I am setting the actor variable from the widget in the actor class from a begin play event and the same result happens. Do I use a self reference in the actor to set the variable?

what do you mean by, “the same result”?
if you are getting access none, maybe try adding a delay? although it should work, because begin play happens after post initialize components, so your component should have its widget at beginplay.

So ive it got it figured out at the moment where im constructing the gui inside of the actor and just using functions ive made in the Root_Gui rather than getting the Gui_Root widget to reference the actor and read its variables externally.