Widget Blueprint works only for one Hand in VR Template

I’m using VR template.
My Widget Blueprint reacts only for right hand. Debug line is correct for both hands and works well. But only right hand after collision Widget with debug line work correctly (button gets brighter)

It’s hard to tell where the problem could be without seeing how you have implemented the interaction with the Widget. Can you post some screenshots of your Blueprint?

There are two hands (MotionController) instances in the MotionControllerPawn, one for the right hand and one for the left hand. It should work indepedently for both, but if you are only referencing the right hand instance, then that would explain it.

When i editing order of spawn in (Photo1) then also last spawn hand works with widget

Add sreenshots.
Photo1: Blueprint od spawn hands.

Photo 2: WidgetInteraction for HandMEsh
For WidgetInteraction i try Event OnHoveredWidgetChanged and this reast for both hands.

Photo 3: Left and right hand DebugLine

Photo 4. All screen photo2

Check your input events in the blueprint, especially if you are using the one blueprint for both controllers (like the sample). You need to unselect Consume Input in the details for your input event triggers.

I struggled a lot with this before finally finding the solution. The problem with using the same blueprint for both hands is that the Pointer index for the Widget Interaction is the same, and therefore they will be conflicting. So the only thing you have to add to the BP_MotionController blueprint is a Set pointer index for whichever of the hands you like, just make sure you set it to a different value than the default for the Widget Interaction and everything will work perfectly! :slight_smile: