Widget Animation not starting when trying to do a simple loop


I am working with widget animations at the momment and i have a simple set up:

An animation that i start in the constructor.

When the animation finishes i use the OnAnimationFinished Event and what i do is play the animation again since it has ended, i want to loop it.

However, the image goes to the animation starting position and does not play. If i do not call the animation to play again it stays where the first animation ended.

This is really strange since the animation is not playing ( i test it) and because the image goes to the starting position, the animation just does not start.

I have fixed my problem by adding a small delay before calling the play animation, Although a solution that could avoid this delay would be helpful

Really weird, but this worked for me too.

Had the same problem and adding a delay (0.2 sec) worked for me too! Weird, must be a bug? Even if it is not optimal I’m happy about this workaround for the time being.