Whz is emissive glow going to white?

increasing emissive intensity turns to white color. Only for higher values of emissive but in orde to get the glow, it must be turned a bit high. Problem is when increasing intensity everything starts to turn white.
Is this a bug or any way to solve this?

I have always solved that problem like this:

Screen Capture.png

Enter a value 100 or higher and your material will start to turn more white

That’s what happens when you turn up the intensity high enough

to explain it a bit better:

found this image somewhere, but it does not really work.
On the left is what I get.
On the right is what I want.
Intensities are the same but the right picture shows emissive that stays red and glows red.

How do I get that effect?

You would have to change the bloom effect

This thread has a lot of information on the issue you’re facing:

Thank you.
That thread was very useful

Can you tell us how to do that, please?

In the editor hit ~ to open the console and type in

r.TonemapperFilm 0

This will keep glows the color they should be.
You’ll need to do it everytime you restart unreal, but there’s a way to set it in the .ini files, I just can’t remember how. :slight_smile:

press ~ at the editor and enter this command r.TonemapperFilm 0
then add postprocessvolume to your level and change details like this