Why would emissive not glow at values beyond 1 for color?

I made a material to apply to a sphere, with a V3 color node multiplied by a scalar to increase color values beyond 1 so it glows. It looks correct in the material editor preview, but in the level it loses that glowing emissive effect. And it looks yellow, whereas the color I set is a reddish orange. It’s volumetric non-directional, default lit, opaque (tried translucent and additive with the same result that’s wrong).

Are you matching exposure in the preview scene and your main scene?

The yellow shift is a separate issue due to ACES, but ultimately it’s most likely more visible because the exposure is different between the two scenes.

I didn’t match exposure btw the two scenes. I’ll try that. In addition, my NVidia setting is 8-bit color depth, whereas I was using 10-bit before as my monitor is capable of HDR. And the project setting is 10-bit. So, perhaps that is a partial cause.

This was due to the tonemapper being disabled under show flags, and Tone Curve. I enabled them and the material looked correct in the level. I tried changing Exposure to match between material editor preview and the level, which didn’t work. My hypothesis of needing to switch to 10bit in my video card control panel didn’t work either, and neither did changing the project to 8bitRGBA.